My name is Benjamin Solomon. I am 35 years old and live in San Antonio, Texas. I am a musician/singer/sound engineer. For the last 8 years, I have played drums live for several groups and have two CDs with my name in the credits.

I can do :

  • Drums (17 years) (trained in drum corps)
  • Keys/Piaino (25 years)
  • Some guitar (in my own tunings!)
  • Some bass guitar
  • Vocals (all my life)
  • Sound recording/engineering (8 years)


My favorite styles of music include:

  • Hard Rock
  • Eurodance (some)
  • Funkadellic
  • Acid
  • Classical
  • 80's Pop
  • Early 90's Rock
  • Classic 70's Rock
  • Christian/Praise and Worship
  • Anything clever that has no real genre


I also have several technical gifts I can offer to enhance the presentation of music. I can create data-driven web sites (I am a database programmer in real life), as well as graphics manipulation (Photoshop).

I was in middle/high school band for 7 years, and then played independently for awhile, now I play as the drummer of several worship groups 4 times per week.